The Model9 Architecture

Backup Agent

The Backup Agent is a zIIP-eligible Java application running in z/OS. It performs all backup, archive/migration, recovery and space management functions. Our patented technology enables the agent to perform standard z/OS data management functions, such as invoking DFDSS as data mover, updating system catalog, interacting with SMS policy and honoring RACF authorization controls – all while running on zIIPs. The Backup Agent compresses and encrypts data and can utilize zEDC and CryptoExpress cards. It connects directly over TCP/IP (OSA) to object storage or to any other traditional distributed storage system, such as NAS and SAN, on-premise and in the cloud.

Backup Server

The Backup Server, which provides management, auditing and reporting capabilities, is also used to drive recovery in case your mainframe is down. To ensure the best performance and availability, the server is not part of the data path. The Backup Server communicates with the agents running in z/OS over a secured TCP/IP connection and can run on Linux or z/Linux. It provides APIs to easily integrate with monitoring and DevOps tools.


The solution enables connecting any modern storage system of your choice directly to the mainframe and allows you to supplement or completely eliminate the need for tapes and virtual tape libraries. The solution natively connects to highly scalable, geographically dispersed, flexible and cost-effective object storage, on-premise or in the cloud. In addition, most other distributed storage systems are supported, including NAS and SAN using an included proxy component.

Certified storage options

User interface

Users connect to the server’s web-based UI to perform daily operations or to search for, and restore, data, as needed. Administrators access the UI to define and monitor the data protection policy and SLAs. The dashboard is designed to help you make sure your data is protected at a glance. The UI includes Google-like search functionality and provides detailed reports and analytics to help you better understand and manage your data and anticipate data growth.

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