Eliminate tape and virtual tape management overheads

by using cloud object storage directly from your mainframe, with no additional hardware

Gain business insights using mainframe data analytics in the cloud

by enriching data lakes and Business Intelligence processes with valuable mainframe data

Mitigate mainframe skills shortage risks

with modern, easy-to-use cloud-based solutions for mainframe

Cut costs by 50% or more

by reducing MSU consumption, offloading ETL processing to the cloud, using affordable cloud storage and consolidating software licenses

Cloud data management for mainframe

Cloud backup, archive, disaster recovery and space management

in a single, complete software solution

Offload processing and data transfer

to zIIPs, compression, encryption and OSA cards

Mainframe data analytics in the cloud

Deliver mainframe data directly to analytics services in the cloud

and transform mainframe to universal formats

Securely use any storage, multi-cloud with no lock-in

including object storage, NAS and SAN in the cloud or on-premises

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